I added health and other stuff

Dev Log #1 summary

I have updated the game to include the following:

Added two new enemy units.
Added shield bar and life counter.
Added laser sound effects


Dev Log #1

This update is a big step for the overall combat in Star Quest. The demo should be more enjoyable since there is now a health counter and shield bar. This is also more variety in enemies and I added sounds to all the guns.

New Units

The regular infantry of the Valkyrie as of now only prove to be a threat in numbers. They only fire lasers in your direction that can be easily avoided.

To mix things up, I have added the machine gunner who position himself at a distance and rapidly fire lasers at you. This forces you to move and make a decision. Should you kill the machine gunner now or wait and take out the infantry. I will say the machine gunner is the most intimidating Valkyrie unit yet.

Valkyrie machine gunner

The next unit I added is the grenadier. Like the machine gunner, he will position himself at a distance and launch grenades in your direction. On impact, the explosion can almost knock you shields out but the incoming grenades are much more noticeable  and slower than the rapid fire of the machine gunner.

Valkyrie grenadier

Amateur sound effects

I have never made my own custom sound effects before so I had to do some research. It was interesting seeing how other people were able make sounds from anything they could find. The laser sounds I created are mixtures of saw waves and sounds that I recorded in my house. I used my phone to record random things such as closing a microwave and dropping a battery. The laser sound effects turned out pretty good, however the explosion sound needs to be improved. I am truly sorry if I frighten anyone with the explosion sound from the Valkyrie grenadier.



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Jul 05, 2018

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